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Welcome to the new website from A.P.Videos. This website gives you all the information you need to know about are company and our services. we have now been filming for several years up and down the UK, Ireland and even Belgium! We mainly focus on Stockcar / Banger racing and fim at Smallfield, Stoke and Nutts Corner race venues. We have also produce Wedding DVDs to capture you're perfect day for a very resonable price. We also convert old videos and camera tapes to DVD so you never loose those precious moments on video. Here at A.P.VIDEOS we are commited to bring the best quality productions we can. Have a browse at the rest of our site for more details.


Site last updated 17/6/14



On the 14th june Startrax promotions held its second Granada meeting of the 2014 season at the well appointed Coventry Stadium. There were 39 Granada's in total with some cool looking motors among them! There was plenty of action to be seen aswell! Pick of the bunch being 196 Ginners HUGE shot on 399 Spike, which is also captured from 196 Ginners in-car a treat! 171 Westy jnrs big follow-in on 443 Dave Harvey. 51 Hields big hit omn 22 Matty High! The heat 3 wrecking train and much more! There is in-car footage from 196 and 591. The DVD also includes all the Junior banger, F2 and hot rod races! for details on how to order click HERE DVD 9 (includes postage and packaing)



On the 11th may 2014 Tullyroan Oval hosted the unlimited banger Shamwreck for the second time at the oval! Once again the meeting attracted drivers from far and wide with representatives from England, Scotland, wales, Belgium and even Holland! There was also some impressive machinery on show with 388 steveo's lush yank. A rare russian Volga estate from 363 and a old 1950's gaz fom33. Once again ther was plenty of action to be found with highlights being the heat 1 wrecking train! 811 follow-in on 421 Nutty Nige. 39 Darren Gaffney on one in the Consi, and much more! There is also plenty of in-car footage to be found from Bears drivers 221, 266, 421, 521 and 808 from the Levellers. There sis also footage from all the Ninja Kart races and thee 1300 stockcar races and includes the big follow-in! DVD 10 checkout the how to order page to get your copy!



On the 26th April 2014 Stoke hosted the third staging of the pre 75 Stan Woods memorial. This year they had an unders and overs class and proved to be a great success with over 100 cars between the 2! Once again this meeting serves up some really good old skool banger action!  Highlights include the 2 big pile-ups in the unders, the hard hitting overs DD, 378 getting leathered by 174 and 164 Turner's huge blitz on 539! There is also plenty of in-car footage to be found from 151, 152, 164, 261 and 353! The highlight being the rear facing camera in 152 Mr Grumpy's hearse watching it get destroyed in rated fashion and 164's huge shot on 539! for details on how to order click HERE DVD 10



On the 6th  April Smallfield staged its first meeting of the 2014 season, with there annual micro banger meeting. There was a great turnout of micro bangers, rookies and juniors! In the micros there are so many highlights to mention, including 276 and 560's huge roll=over! with 276 hosting our-in-car camera aswel! 791 and 682 both being fired over the bottom bank! 276 and 954's big head-on! 321 jacking up 911 which is also caught perfectly on our go-pro camera! There is also footage from all the rookie and junior races, aswell as in-car footage from 276 Adam Rowell and 321 Kieron Fry. This is a 2 camera edit. DVD 10



On the 23rd March 2014 Startrax motor sport held one of its biggest banger events at the Belle Vue Speedway, with there king of the north championship. As always there was plenty of action to be found with many big crashes along the way! Including the heat 1 wrecking train, the stiff exchanges in the DD, 478 Chucksy's cating a post on the back straight, and much more! There is alos some good action fro m the F1 stock cars including the 2 big 515 Wainman and 16 crashes! There is also some great in-car footage to be found from 382 Chubby and 759 Bitch, the later  of the 2 has a great shots of him getting followed in and t-boned on our go-pro camera! All the banger races can be found with the f1's and minis! DVD 8

WARTON 1400 TEAMS 16/3/14


On the 16th march 2014 Warton stock car club hosted its annual 1400 team meeting! Once again the meeting was well supported with nearly 20 teams in attendance! As epected there was plenty of action to be seen on the day. Highlights include the big push on lap 1 of heat 1 which sees a Focus climb the wall and loose its engine! 541's big hit with air-time on 140. 717's burial of 34 Smiler which is also captured on 717's in-car camera! 303 Scottie's big shot on 591 Blower in the DD and much more! There is also lots of good action to be found in the junior banger races, pick of the bunch being 477 Jack Spiers big double roll-over! There is plenty of in-car action from drivers 190, 203, 275 and 717 and there is also a fence cam on turn 1 caputuring alot of tbhe action close up and personnel! for details on how to order the DVD click HERE DVD 9



On the 2nd March Warton stock car club hosted its first big meeting of the 2014 season, with its annual Metal Mania event. Once again there was a good turnout of unlimiteds, which included some cool material, pick of the bunch being 886 Toppers Lincoln ytown car limousine and 666 Psycho Tim's lush Rolls Royce! As usual with Warton there was plenty of action in the Unlimited and junior bangers! Highlights include, 22 Dowds big follow-in, 275 Rusty's head on and savage t-bones on 190 Nutter which is caught perfectly by our fence cam and also the in-car cameras! 141 Steel destroying 886 Toppers limo and much more! there is also footage from all the unlimited and junior bangers races and in-car footage from 275 joe Morgan. For details on how to order this DVD click HERE DVD 9



The Levellers are one of the biggest banger racing teams in the north, weather they are taking or giving the hits they are always at the heart of the action! This DVD follows the team from 2002 all the way to 2013! featuring venus such as; Arena Essex, Barford, Barrow, Brampton, Coventry, Nutts corner, Ringwood, Stoke, Skegness, Swaffham, Tullyroan and Warton! Big hits include 688 Morphett's huge follow-in on 200, 810 Rugrat's huge hit on 252 Wibbs at coventry, 917 being t-boned flat out at Firectracker, 265 Waldo Jnrs big follow-in at Sheffield and much more! There is also some in-car footage to be found on this DVD from various tracks to give you a drivers eye view of the action! So sit back and watch 'Cumbria's finest' in action! For details on how to order click HERE DVD 12

TOTAL CARNAGE 10 PART 2 (July-Dec 2013)


This is the 18th Installment of Total Carnage and it covers all the crashes that we captured from July- December 2013. It features footage from venue: Arlington, Arena Essex, Dover, Smallfield, Stoke, Swaffham, Ringwood, Warton, warneton and even Emmen in Holland!It features action from such big meetings as: granada meeting, cortina meeting, Ian mallion memorial, Blue Oyster, European championship and also features lots of big crashes including 53 Big bens huge cortina follow-in! the Epic Stoke unlimikted jacking train. The mental jacking trains at Emmen and much more! 2 hours running time. for details on how to order click HERE  DVD 12 (including postage and packaging)



The 11th installment of the 'Bears on tour' DVD is finally here! Once again we follow the Bears banger team across the country, filming the exploits of one of the hardest hitting teams in banger racing! The Bears have been well travelled in 2013 visiting venues: Aldershot, Arlington, Birmingham, Hednesford, Ipswich, Northampton, Ringwood, Smallfield, Swaffham, Warneton in Belgium, Wimbledon and Yarmouth! As always the DVD is packed full of crashes, highlights include, 521 Ash's big shot on 349 at Yarmouth, 1 Mai in belgium and the mental tbone on Nemesis at Ringwood ( the latter 2 has in-car footage aswell). There is also more onboard footage to be found from Arlington vans, 321 Kieron Frys expliots at the Granada meeting, 521 Launching 142 at Ringwood, 421 Niges hit on 528 at Hednesford and much more!
DVD 12 for details on how to order checkout the HOW TO ORDER page. for preview click HERE



On 8th October Warton Stock Car Club hosted its biggest banger meeting of the year, with their 2 litre banger team championship. As usual there was plenty of cars to do battle, and the return of long distance travellers team Aftermath. There are all 7 banger races to be found on this DVD using a 2 camera edit. The best action however comes from the stockcars and the clip can be found on this DVD after the banger races. The clip features the absolutely insane follow-in which see's some impressive air-time and is definitely a jaw-dropping moment! Other action to be found is 190's huge hit on 493, the Stinkbridge/ Aftermath train in the DD, Blobby's / Ko's train and much more! there is also in-car footage from 100, 211 and 478 DVD 9


On the 14th September Stoke staged its first 2 litre rear wheel drive meeting, with the cars also having an age restriction of pre 1985. As expected it produced a decent turnout and even the sports first Ferrari!! there is also action from the junior, 1600 and 2 litre bangers! There is some great bits of action to be found on this DVD, highlights include 103's massive shot on 600 Beaver in the Allcomers!38 Penfolds shot on 353 Buckley, 119 Will Emerys big follow-in in the 2 litre bangers, and much more! There is also in-car footage from Jerky Boys driver 61 Zac Hughes. DVD 9



On the 18th August 2013 Race Quip raceway at Smallfield held its annual unlimited banger meeting with the 2013 bears challenge. This year the entry had soared to 60+ unlimiteds to do battle on the Surrey dirt. There was many visiting drivers from all over the country including some from The Isle of Wright and even some from Scotland! As expected this meeting was very lively affair with crashing from start to finish! Highlights include 2 Bricknell being launched up th bottom bank and taking 152 with him! Which is also caught superbly by our bank camera. The cool wrecking train in heat 4, 18 ginge's hit on 924 Millen, 149 and 252's huge head-on and much, much more! There is also a wealth of in-car footage to be found from drivers 321, 331 and 421, If you want to see one of the livelest unlimited meetings of the year look no further! DVD 10 checkout the HOW TO ORDER page for more details.



On the 21st July Stoke held its annual Staffordshire open. This years meeting had a bigger field than last year with nearly 50 unlimiteds in action! If you like to see unlimited bangers crashing then this meeting is for you! There are so many highlights from this meeting but it will be long remebered for the simply epic jacking train in the DD! Other big hits include 171 westy Jnr's huge shot on 305 The General! 474 matty destroying everything in his infamous Chrysler imperial and much, much more! there is also plenty of in-car footage from 382. 474 and 874 with the later involved in the epic DD train! DVD 9

For preview of Stoke staffordshire open 2013 Click here



On the 30th June Dover and RDC promotions paid tribute to ex banger racer Ian mallion with his memorial event for the unlimited bangers. As expected there was a large turnout of cars with 51 in total. There was a nice selection of tin from a number of drivers including a volvo 242 limo! As expected the action comes thick and fast, highlights include 379 worm's big burial of 222 in heat 1, the pile-ups in heat 3 and the DD! 243's large follow-in on 346  mutley and much more! There is also plenty of in-car footage on this DVD with footage froom 379 Ade Clifton, 473 mark Nicholls and 583 Dan Weeks. bangerstox, ministox and super rods also feature on this DVD with there races at the end of the DVD.     DVD 10



Here is the latest crash DVD offering from AP Videos, Total Carnage 10 part 1. This features action from the meetings we covered between January and June 2013. The DVD gives you some close up shots of some of the top banger action from the last 6 months. This DVD features footage from Arlington, Belle Vue, Kins Lynn, Ringwood,Smallfield, Standlake, Stoke, Tullyroan and Warton. And feature footage from  big meetings such as: Axe-tinction, Shamwreck, Winter open, Metal mania, King of The North, Stan Woods memorial and stoke all Granadas. And features lots of huge crashes from outside cameras and onboard cameras! DVD 12 checkout the HOW TO ORDER page to purchase this DVD.
To see the preview of this DVD click HERE



On the 1st of June Startrax held another one of its main banger events at stoke with the all mk1 and mk2 granada bangers at Stoke's chesterton stadium. There was a good turnout of 38 bangers, junior bangers, f2 stockcars and V8 stockcars. There is plenty of action along the way, highlights include 688 Morphets huge follow-in on 200 Noon with some impressive air-time! 318 Wilf speak being anihalted in the DD with a head on with 55 smiggy and big shots from 652 Wibbs and 886 Topper. also Toppers hearse getting destroyed right infront of our camera and 886 Topper also having a backwards facing in-car camera! There is also the big crashes from the juniors including 797's big follow-in on 128! in-car footage comes from 305, 399 and 886.   DVD 9



On the 21st April 2013 Shamwreck was hosted for the first time at the new Northern Ireland venue of Tullyroan Oval. As always with shamwreck there was a good selection of cars on the day including 4 yanks from the Last rites boys, a Rolls Royce for 880 Naisy, a lush Granada coupe for 100 and a super strech lincoln for 388 Stevo. As always the action comes thick and fast and includes 07 Switcher and 775 Shanks big hits on 388 in heat 1, each of the drivers piloting an in-car camera! 146 Davey's shot on 808 Tosh, 16 Fagass's blitz on 43 Odol, the consolatin wrecking train on turn 1 and 808 and 39's huge head-on to settle the DD! There is also in car footage from 07,127,388 & 775. There is also footage from all the robin races DVD 10



On the 20th April Stoke Speedway hosted the second staging of the pre 70 Stan Woods memorial. Tis year the meeting had really grabbed the interest of the drivers with over 100 cars in attendence! As like last year the racing is very old skool with plenty of spins, smoke and pile-ups. There are many highlights along the way, including the pre racing group photos of the invaders and Clockwork orange teams. The huge crash in the DD involving 169 and 478, 851 stiff jacking on 207, and 851's big roll-over in the DD and much more! there is also in-car footage from 851 and 353 giving you a front row seat of the old skool action! DVD 10



for preview of this DVD click here

Each year in April, Nutts Corner Oval in Northern Ireland played host to some off the hardest banger meetings seen anywhere. This DVD is the perfect reminder of this showing the mass destruction this meeting has caused over the past 6 years! This DVD has shot of the best cars, the best races, and the best finals and of course all the best crashes and in-car crashes. We also have a couple of the best ending music sequences from the meeting DVDs as well! Highlights includes 521’s Follow –in on 271 jag which sees the later car squashed beyond belief! 474 matty’s huge hit on 421. 450’s mental t-bone on 110, 742 Taz’s huge follow-in on 11 and much, much more! So put your feet up and watch why Shamwreck is labelled one of the hardest meetings! DVD 11                   



For preview of this DVD click here

On the 7th April 2013 Smallfield staged its first meeting of the 2013 season, and the first meeting under the new RaceQuip management. A large turnout of micro bangers and rookie bangers turned out for the day, but with low numbers  in the 1400 prods and unlimited prods and the junior bangers they were all mixed together. There are many highlights from the micros with plenty of roll-over all over the track, 449 Crits big blitz on 414. 629’s large shot on 113 in the DD. And too many others more to mention. There is also in-car footage from 321, 400 and 403 the later having a mental head-on with 108 which is caught awesomely on the on board camera and is pop-out of your seat stuff to watch!! DVD 10



On the 17th March 2013 Startrax held one of its biggest banger events at the Belle Vue speedway with their King of the North championship. As always there was plenty of action to be found with many big crashes along the way. Including the absolute decimation of 688 Wayne morphett in heat 2. 50 Munch's savage t-bone on 874 in heat 1. 874 big hit on 219 and much. much more! There is more action captured from the in-car cameras, with the cameras mounted in cars 60, 203 and 478. There is alos footage from our fence camera on turns 3 and which captures some great action and a hard follow-in right infront of it! All the brisca F1 stockcar races can also be found on this DVD to. DVD 9



On the 3rd of March Warton Stock Car club hosted its first big meeting of the 2012 season, with its annual Metal mania event. Once again there was a good turnouit of unlimiteds, which included some cool material, pick of the bunch being 886 Toppers huge Cadillac! As always at Warton there is plenty of action to be seen, highlights include: 880 Naisy's savage blitz on 282 Ant Riley. 874 Length of straight shot on 140. The wrecking train in the final which see's 588 Blandy devestate Toppers yankmin cool fashion! As laways we have some in-car footage on this DVD. Footage comes from Leveller 478 Chris Spiers, 350 Dan Peel and a backwards facing camera in 282 Ant Riley's granada! There is also a fence camera on turn 1 which picks up some good action! This DVD also features all the races for the junior bangers aswel and they are very lively all day! DVD 9



On the 2nd March 2013 Startrax staged the re-run of the micro bangeres and 1600 banger teams and junior bangers. There was a very good turnout across the 3 formulas and served up some great action all night. The 2 camera mix captures the big pile ups in the micros in heat 1 and the heavily destructive final, 424 Millsy's huge shot on 619 in the 1600 bangers, 138 Timmins big roll and much mre! There is also some in-car footage to be found from 815 Darrel Ainscough who is never far away from the action! DVD 9



Here is the latest crash DVD to come from AP videos! As always this DVD is ram packed full of full bore crashing action from all over the country! The DVD features footage from Arlington, Kings Lynn, Stoke, Skegness, Standlake, Smallfield, Swaffham, Warton and Warneton in Belgium! This DVD has so many big crashes its hard to list! stand out moments are 89 pandas suicidal shot on 543 at Kings Lynn world final! the huge 6 car follow-in at warton which sees 4 cars with good air-time! 390 Gibbo destroying 267 Frenchy at Nutcraker! The huge wrecking trains from the cortina meeting, 239 Nemises huge follow-in on 624 Lossy juniour only inches away from our camera and much more!! the is also load of in-car footage to feast your eys on from various different drivers! This edition is an essential buy for any hardened crash fanatic! DVD 12



To mark the tenth year of doing our annual Bears on tour DVD, we decided to release a 10 disc boxset of all the Bears DVDs we have done so far!! including 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and the latest 2012 DVD. All the DVDs come in one big 10 Disc DVD case. If you like big crashes this is certainly the package for you! DVD 50 




Welcome to the 10th installment of the Bears on tour DVD from AP VIDEOS. Once again we follow the bears banger team across the country, filming the expliots of one of the hardest hitting banger teams! The Bears have been well travelled in 2012 visiting venues: Aldershot, Arlington, Birmingham, Hednesford, Ipswich, Northampton, Ringwood, Smallfield, smeatharpe and Nutts Corner in Ireland, and warneton in Belgium!! As always the DVD is packed full of big crashes! Highlights include 221 Huge hit on 943 at Ringwood which see's some mega air-time! 521 Ace Ash's mental blitz on 239 at Crasharama! both of these crashes have in-car footage from the bears drivers aswel! 521's big head on with 311 Helm at Standlakes Trigger memoria. and much, much more! there is plenty of in-car footage for you to enjoys aswel! cover photos by ALEX CATLEY for more details on how to order this DVD checkout the HOW TO ORDER page  DVD 12


We at A.P.VIDEOS take pride in trying to give our customers the best service we can, so if you buy one of our DVDs from us  (an original copy!) and it is faulty or broken we will be happy to replace it free of charge. if DVDs persist to have problems we could sort out a copy on video or give a full refund.

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