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Welcome to the new website from A.P.Videos. This website gives you all the information you need to know about are company and our services. we have filmed UK, Ireland, Belgium and Holland! We mainly focus on Stockcar / Banger racing and fim at Smallfield, Stoke and Nutts Corner race venues. We have also produce Wedding DVDs to capture you're perfect day for a very resonable price. Here at A.P.VIDEOS we are commited to bring the best quality productions we can. Have a browse at the rest of our site for more details.

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Welcome to the 19th instalment of the Total Carnage series from AP Videos, this DVD is a compilation of the best crashes we caught through the second half of the 2014 season. Featuring Big Hits, Roll-overs, Follow-ins and even in-car footage! The Dvd includes footage from: Buxton, Kings Lynn, Ringwood, Skegness, Smallfied, Stoke, Tullyroan, Warton and Emmen in Holland! And features footage from meeting such as, Emmen Teams, Bears Bash, Stoke BWS, Stoke Unlimited Teams, Buxton Old skool meeting and much more!!

DVD 12  checkout the how to order page to order this DVD



This is the 12th instalment of the 'Bears on Tour DVD' from AP Videos. Once again we have followed the Bears banger team on their hard hitting exploits across the banger racing circuits. The bears have been well travelled again in 2014 visiting venues: Aldershot, Arena Essex, Buxton, Ipswich, kings Lynn, Mildenhall, Smallfield, Tullyroan and Warneton in Belgium! highlights include 521 Ace Ash's huge shots on 583 Weeks and 298 showman at Aldershot. 266 Odd-jobs big blitz on 514 at Kings Lynn. 521 and 421's destruction of hearses at Kings Lynn and much more! The Bears are also on the end of some big shots to including 190 Pikeys huge hit on 421 at Aldershot and 41 getting followed in at Firecracker big time. DVD 12


On 5th October Warton Stock car club hosted its biggest banger meeting of the year, with their 2 litre banger team championship. as usual there was plenty of cars to do battle, as expected the field was mainly mondeos, butan appearance of a Citreon C5 and a Kia from the No Respect lot made a refreshing change. As expected there was plenty of action all day, highlights include 109 Barty's big follow-in on 06 Rawsthorne, 221 being followed in and jacked by the levellers, 812 Bitch's big hit on 498 and much more! This DVD also features in-car footage from 196 tank and 812 Chris Oldcorn the latter having a great day action wise! all the ladies banger races are featured aswell as the stockcars. DVD 9


On the 13th September Spedeworth Motorsports ran their eagerly awaited Banger World Series Round at stoke for the first time, and it was a great success! With 80 odd 2 litre bangers in presence and 13 strong showing of Gladiators this was always going to be a lively affair and you won't see many mondeo meetings as lively as this one! There is too many highlights to pick from as each race is full of destruction! head-ons, T-bones and stiff shots galore! We have a 2 camera edit of the meeting plus a Go Pro fence camera on the pit bend which provides some awesome viewing! so sit back and enjoy the Banger World Series wreckfest at Stoke! DVD 10



On the 3rd August 2014 Buxton hosted its old skool meeting for the 2 litre bangers (non mondeos). Unfortunatelt ot of the 100+ cars booked around 40 showed up to do battle. The day will some what be remembered for one of the hardest follow-ins and wreck of the year! The HUGE crash is captured from 2 outside cameras and there is also in-car footage of the crash from 196 Ginners car. Other action includes the extremely lively DD. 22 Dowds big follow-in on 42, 275 rusty's big shot on 22 and much more! In car cameras are hosted by 196 Ben Harrison, 223 Brett Harrison and 275 Joe Morgan. All junior banger, open rods and rebel races all feature aswell. DVD 9 for details on how to purchase this DVD checkout our how to order page



On the 27th July, Stoke hosted its first Battle of Britain teams for the unlimited bangers! The meeting attracted alot of interest with 60 or so unlimited bangers in attendance. As expected there was plenty of action to be found on this DVD including: 810 Rugrats head-on with 474 matty, 431 Dooner,s hearse being wrecked by 43 Bish. All the wrecking trains also feature on here aswell as 267 frenchy's stiff head-on with 282 Ant Riley. There is also plenty of in-car footage to be found from 19 Danny Flathery, 43 Nick Bishop, 70 Simon Needle and 267 martin French. There is also footage from all the 1600 banger races and junior banger races! DVD 10 checkout the how to order page to order this DVD



On the 22nd June 2014 smallfiled raceway held its annual Bears bash meeting raising money for the Rocking Horse childrens charity. The meeting also doubled up for the former Bears fan and racer Andy Innes aka Sponge who sadly passed away earlier in the year. Once again there was a dood showing of unlimited bangers on show with plenty of action from all of their races including the hard hitting wrecking train in the final! 400 Chips large t-bone on 43 Bish, 94 Awot's roll-over and pile-up in the final and much more! There is also footage from all the rookie banger races and all the junior rookie races, with the DD for the juniors being especially heavy ending with a big head-on between 17 and 44! There is also some in-car footage to be found from Bears drivers 521 Ace Ash, 421 Nutty Nige and 726 The Chimp DVD 10 checkout the how to order page to order this DVD



On the 14th june Startrax promotions held its second Granada meeting of the 2014 season at the well appointed Coventry Stadium. There were 39 Granada's in total with some cool looking motors among them! There was plenty of action to be seen aswell! Pick of the bunch being 196 Ginners HUGE shot on 399 Spike, which is also captured from 196 Ginners in-car a treat! 171 Westy jnrs big follow-in on 443 Dave Harvey. 51 Hields big hit omn 22 Matty High! The heat 3 wrecking train and much more! There is in-car footage from 196 and 591. The DVD also includes all the Junior banger, F2 and hot rod races! for details on how to order click HERE DVD 9 (includes postage and packaing)



On the 11th may 2014 Tullyroan Oval hosted the unlimited banger Shamwreck for the second time at the oval! Once again the meeting attracted drivers from far and wide with representatives from England, Scotland, wales, Belgium and even Holland! There was also some impressive machinery on show with 388 steveo's lush yank. A rare russian Volga estate from 363 and a old 1950's gaz fom33. Once again ther was plenty of action to be found with highlights being the heat 1 wrecking train! 811 follow-in on 421 Nutty Nige. 39 Darren Gaffney on one in the Consi, and much more! There is also plenty of in-car footage to be found from Bears drivers 221, 266, 421, 521 and 808 from the Levellers. There sis also footage from all the Ninja Kart races and thee 1300 stockcar races and includes the big follow-in! DVD 10 checkout the how to order page to get your copy!



On the 26th April 2014 Stoke hosted the third staging of the pre 75 Stan Woods memorial. This year they had an unders and overs class and proved to be a great success with over 100 cars between the 2! Once again this meeting serves up some really good old skool banger action!  Highlights include the 2 big pile-ups in the unders, the hard hitting overs DD, 378 getting leathered by 174 and 164 Turner's huge blitz on 539! There is also plenty of in-car footage to be found from 151, 152, 164, 261 and 353! The highlight being the rear facing camera in 152 Mr Grumpy's hearse watching it get destroyed in rated fashion and 164's huge shot on 539! for details on how to order click HERE DVD 10



To mark the tenth year of doing our annual Bears on tour DVD, we decided to release a 10 disc boxset of all the Bears DVDs we have done so far!! including 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and the latest 2012 DVD. All the DVDs come in one big 10 Disc DVD case. If you like big crashes this is certainly the package for you! DVD 50 

We at A.P.VIDEOS take pride in trying to give our customers the best service we can, so if you buy one of our DVDs from us  (an original copy!) and it is faulty or broken we will be happy to replace it free of charge. if DVDs persist to have problems we could sort out a copy on video or give a full refund.

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